February 6, 2008 at 11:24 am 2 comments

One of the highlights of my morning (and there are precious few) is checking my blog stats and seeing what crazy-ass shit people are Googling to get to my site. Allow me – if you will – to present you with a sampling:

  • “JIVE TURKEY RESTAURANT.” I get this one all the time, and I guess it’s no big mystery as there is an actual Jive Turkey restaurant in in New York City. I always feel slightly guilty knowing that some poor soul is just looking for a place to get dinner, and instead gets an essay about my childhood crush on Steve Guttenberg. Sorry about that. Although, I suppose I am not helping matters by typing the phrase “Jive Turkey restaurant” in this entry multiple times. Sorry about that, too.
  • “WHY CAN’T YOU EAT A JIVE TURKEY?” I got this one a couple of days ago, and I feel it necessary to point out that I would probably be stringy, and perhaps a tad dry.
  • “HOW TO TELL IF YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE.” Ah! Finally something I can help you out with.
  • “MADISON PEE GOLDEN.” Huh. Well, I think I know what this possible resident of Wisconsin was looking for, although I think that “Madison P. Golden” sounds like an old-fashioned oil tycoon, or perhaps a relative of the Monopoly guy.
Pass go, collect $200, and piss on me, you dirty whore!

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Morning Haterade She Wore a Bolo Tie: One Girl’s Struggle with Personal Style (or Lack Thereof)

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  • 1. Husband of Said Turkey  |  February 6, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    HAHA! See what happens to Park Place when you let white people move in? People get pissed on.

  • […] 30, 2008 So, you remember how – a while back – I posted all of the crazy things people Google to get to my site? Well, HOLY SHIT have things gotten interesting around here since I posted that rant on […]


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